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ABI-2005 • All Black Ink Non Genuine Message on Printer


Receiving a Non Genuine Message when installing All Black Ink (Black Max) Cartridges (wide format printer).


When installing cartridges to a wide format Epson that are NOT Epson cartridges the printer display will show a "Non Genuine" message. This is a standard message (disclaimer) and NOT an Error.

Epson must allow you to use 3rd party cartridges and they can not invalidate a warranty due to the use of 3rd party cartridges.

This is simply a disclaimer telling the user they are not installing Epson cartridges. For a scare tactic they say "the printer may not perform optimally" but that is not true. Depending on the quality of the inks they may print differently, but inkjet ink will not hurt an inkjet printer.

Your All Black Inks are developed and tested to be extremely high quality, possibly better than Epson inks for your purposes.

How to get past the non genuine message.

1. Click the DOWN arrow until you are prompted with a request to Accept and click the Left arrow.

2. Continue to click the DOWN arrow until you are prompted again to Accept and click the LEFT Arrow.

3. Your printer will now charge the inks and display a Ready message.


Epson will refuse any user tech support for unrelated issues if they are using inks other than Epson inks; don't let them. Stand your ground. Many users have told us they are helped right away when they don't mention any product being used other than Epson.

All Black Ink Instructions PDF

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