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ABI-2014 • Wide Format Chip Resetter Troubleshooting


The Wide format chip resetter for the All Black ink system cartridges is a very reliable device. It can also be used to reset the maintenance tank.


Unlike other less expensive and less capable resetters it can reprogram the chip. If the chip is not physically damaged (they usually are not) the resetter will be able to get you working again.

Sometimes a chip can become corrupted due to a power failure and the resetter corrects that (Set Ink Cartridge Error on the printer display).

The resetter blinks a single RED light. Short fast blinks in series means a failure while slow steady blinks means success. Click the button while not attached to a cartridge chip to see what a failure looks like.



Sometimes the resetter shows failure. Here are things to check before deciding the cartridge or the resetter is no good.

Battery replacement:

The device is powered by a 9 volt battery. If you need to replace the battery simply and carefully pop off the front panel. If the light is flashing the battery is good.

Connection pins:

There are 7 gold pins, make sure they are all there and none are bent.

Leveling the pins:

It is possible for the pins to not be level. This causes the resetter to fail. All pins must make proper contact with the gold pads on the chip in order to succeed.

Carefully pop off the front panel and level the pins. The pins can be slid out of the resetter body. They are seated in a plastic bracket. Reassemble the resetter and try again.


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