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COR-3002 • Draw Importing DCS2.eps files


I am having trouble importing an EPS into Corel DRAW.


When Importing a DCS2.eps file into Corel Draw version X3 through X5 it's critical that the option be selected to IMPORT the file as an Encapsulated PostScript file (EPS).

The IMPORT option is located under the File Menu in Draw.

Corel presents a Window after you select the file to import with multiple choices and any selection other than Encapsulated Postscript will cause the file to import in as multiple grayscale files or give odd preview effects such as a solarized effect and spot colors will not import and be available to the user.

Import as an EPS and a single full color image that may be managed and scaled will be available AND all spot colors will be put into a palette to be used for the coloring of other elements.

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