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COR-3003 • Not all elements of my design are printing from Corel ( flatness )


Not all elements of my file are printing as I expected.



If a print is missing elements on the film that suggests a Postscript Error in the file itself. Corel offers many fonts and users download fonts without knowing if they are all Postscript friendly. The font may print on its own well but when combined with elements such as fountain fills or power clips it may fail to print.

First convert all fonts to curves and print again.

Next, in the print window of Corel choose the "Misc" tab and select the option to "rasterize". Choose a high resolution (i.e. 300 to 400 dpi). This converts the image data before it is sent to the RIP.

All Graphics programs have some sort of a "bail out" option to help get past postscript issues. Corel has this option along with flatness and Adobe Illustrator has options such as "compatible gradients" and resolution (flatness).

If the elements of an image are not colored properly it will lead to unexpected print results.  If you have an element on a file that is created out of cmyk colors (process colors) then what LOOKS LIKE a single color on screen will actually not print to one film. Be sure you are using a true SPOT COLOR or PANTONE SWATCH for printing any file other than a a deliberate cmyk process style job.

Additional Information on Adobe Illustrator and Corel DRAW Spot Colors is in this tech support center.

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