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COR-3007 • Corel Draw Imported DCS2.EPS No Preview


Corel Draw has a Preview bug. When looking at the preview window for an imported EPS file some users can see a preview and some do not.


The preview for a DCS2.eps file (such as the those created from Spot Process (SPVR, Separation Studio and other programs) is called an FPO (For Position Only) and does not display the individual color seps as it would a vector shape colored and created "in" Corel Draw. Corel can not look inside the imported file and show each color so it shows a single grayscale image for all colors, the same image so you can check its scale and position on the page.

The reason some see a preview and others do not seems to be related to a setting in the Pre-Press tab of the Corel print window.

When the setting called "Densitometer Scales" is active (on) the preview disappears, when deactivated (off) the preview returns. Obviously that is not right, but it's a small problem with an easy resolve.

Corel fixed this bug in Versions X4 and X5. Download a free trial of X5 from the Corel website.

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