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EPS-5002 • Horizontal Banding/Streaking on Film

All inkjets can get clogged and need to be cleaned which is why Epson created their head cleaning utility. Horizontal banding is the first sign of a clogged head so print a "nozzle check" and perform a head cleaning as needed. This is not an AccuRIP utility but an Epson utility, look into your Epson documentation for greater details.

Some users of the ALL BLACK ink system will even see the print head moving and the film advancing with no image on the film. That too is a sure sign of a head clog.

Using the Epson Utility, print a Nozzle Pattern test then clean the head as needed. Print Nozzle Pattern test to plain paper when possible.

How to locate the Epson printer Utility:

Mac: From the System Preferences go to Printers. Select the Epson printer driver then options to locate the Utility.

Windows: Open the Control Panel go to Printers and Devices. Right Click the Epson Print driver, choose Properties or Printer Properties (depending on your version of Windows) then choose Preferences. Click the Utility tab and follow the directions for each section.

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