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EPS-5013 • Epson Inkjet Pattern Nozzle Check and cleaning

***Always read the Epson printer user guide or contact Epson for tech support for any Epson product or software.***


All inkjet printers require regular maintenance. Inkjets are a spray technology that use "air dry" inks. The nozzles will eventually clog. The best maintenance is constant use. When the printer has sat of a n extended period (even just a  few days) you should print a "nozzle check" and clean the print head if needed. Failure to maintain your printer properly can result in expensive repairs or replacement.

Large format printer starting with the 4000 and higher have auto routines that will clean the printer on a regular schedule or when the printer senses idle inks.

Inkjets are a spray technology that will clog printer run a short clean routine each time they are turned on and off.


Epson supplies software to maintain your printer:

Mac version: the Epson Printer Utility is loaded onto your computer from the Epson cd and is located in your Main Application folder.

Windows version: In the Control Panel Printer and fax or Hardware/Printers or Devices and Printers (depending on your version of Windows) right click the Epson Print Driver and choose Properties (Printer Properties) then Preferences and Maintenance.

Follow directs to print a nozzle check pattern and clean your printer if needed.

Daily maintenance is best. An inkjet is an important part of your business, learn it and give it the attention it needs to operate properly for you each day.

Warning: Epson is an ink company and uses ink to clean your printer, the more ink you use the more they like it. The need for excessive cleaning may drain your ink tanks. Always have extra ink in stock and maintain your printer so excessive cleaning is not needed.

Know who you are dealing with: If Epson really cared about making great hardware they would create a resolve or add a cleaning tank with inexpensive fluid for this regular process, but they are an "ink company" and find it more profitable to have you use ink to clean the printer.

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