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EPS-5018 • Setting cutter adjustment

***Always read the Epson printer user guide or contact Epson for tech support for any Epson product or software.***


Your Epson Wide format printer (model 4000 and higher) has an knife for cutting film after printing.


The default setting is 9, that means you Epson printer can waste up to 9" of film after AccuRIP has transmitted the full document dimension. It's the printer that controls the cut after print and not AccuRIP.

You can adjust this setting down to as little as 1 inch after the print saving lots of film.

Buttons and methods slightly vary due to printer model, some use the Menu button for all selections and some use a combination of the Menu and Enter button to make selections.

Here is an example of adjusting the cutter for the Epson 4880 which uses only a Menu button.

1. Load your roll media, the printer needs to be in the READY mode.

2. Click the Menu button two times until it displays "Printer SETUP Platen Gap"

3. Click the Up or Down arrow until you see "Cutter Adjust".

4. Click the menu button to enter into the Cutter Adjust.

5. When Execute is displayed, click the Menu button and it will display printing and begin printing. (If there is any error about the media loading turn off your printer, turn it on again and reload the film, repeat steps 1-5 until the printer starts printing).

The printer will print a small target and cut that target in half, then display a number of the printer. That number is likely to be (9).

Click the Down arrow until the number is (1) or any number you desire.

Click the Menu button to lock in the setting with a star*. (Some printers have an Enter button, click the Enter button to lock in the setting).

Click the Pause button to return back to the READY mode and begin printing.

Now your printer will cut the film the distance specified after the "document dimension" has been transmitted by AccuRIP.

* Wasting film before the print? See tech document "how to load roll media".

Wide Format Epson Configuration Video


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