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EPS-5023 • Wasting roll film


My Epson wide format printer (models 4000 and higher) is wasting a lot of film before and after the print. How do I fix this?

Epson printers have specific ways to load film and many users do not do it properly. Many users disengage the suction lever on the top of the printer (secure and unsecured) then feed the roll film in to far, this causes the printer to always create a lead of excess film and by default Epson has set the printer "cutter adjusted" to cut 9 inches after a RIP or driver has told the printer it is complete. Great feature for film salesman, not so great for users. See tech note "Setting cutter adjustment".


Older models (4800, 4880, 7880, 9880 and older), keep the printer suction lever located on the top of the printer "secure" then feed your film in until the printer grabs the film and stages it properly itself. If the printer has an issue with this try multiple times even turing the printer on a off to get it to operate properly. If your printer refuses to do this properly then disengage the suction lever and feed only enough film until you see it appear through the window of the printer. Secure the lever.

Important Tip:  Models such as the 4880 that handle both sheet and roll media can get confused and require the printer to be in special modes before loading a NEW roll of film. Follow these steps...

Before you do this you must turn off both sheet size check and PPR size check option on the printer. See tech note "setting up a wide format Epson for the first time".

Before loading ROLL MEDIA, put the ICON on the machine on SHEET!

Open the suction lever and load your roll media as you normally would, make sure you line it up with the marks for loading.

Now close (engage) the suction lever and click the "pause" button to return the to Ready mode.

Once the machine displays Ready, the printer should change to Roll, if not, change your media on the front to ROLL or ROLL and CUT. Turn the printer off then on.

Your prints will no longer waste excessive film before it prints.

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