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EPS-5027 • Epson legacy print drivers nothing prints


I have an old printer with my modern Windows Vista or Windows 7 and when I print from a program through AccuRIP a blank page is all that comes out of the printer.

My Epson print driver name is followed by a strange letter such as (M) or (R).

I can print a test page from AccuRIP, but not from a program. That's because the AccuRIP test print bypasses the AccuRIP driver and heads straight to the printer.

This is an issue when an old, out of production printer is being used with a modern computer operating system such as Windows 7 or Vista (example, using an Epson 1280 connected using a USB cable to a Windows 7 computer).


AccuRIP needs a "proper" Epson print driver and not a 3rd party legacy language driver to operate.

When you connect a printer to a computer that does not have proper software drivers installed the OS attempts to make a driver that simulates the original print driver. That driver may work at a low level from some purposes, but it will not work properly with a sophisticated RIP driver handling postscript.

Legacy drivers will sometimes have after their name odd letters such as (M) or (R). If you see these and other letters following the print driver names then they are legacy drivers.

You need to:

Go to the Epson website and see if there is an installer for your USB printer that is compatible with your new OS. If Epson does not supply it then AccuRIP will not operate properly.

Sometimes you can add a print server adapter to the old printer converting it to a TCP language printer and AccuRIP will print, but at the low cost of a new printer you may just as well buy a new Epson 1430 and get a great printer with proper OS supported drivers or a model that supports the valuable ALL Black Ink system. 



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