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EPS-5031 • Comparing desktop inkjet printer models


I am looking to buy an Epson desktop printer, which is best for making screen print films?

With over 4000 users of the Epson 1430 model (and counting) we can say that this has been a very reliable industry standard printer.

It's nice for a change that the less expensive printer is best for our business purpose.

All Epson desktop printers are good quality printers sharing similar print head technology/size making their results very comparable, but there are features not worth paying for if the main purpose of the printer is to make screen print films.

All color features are useless to a screen printer so don't pay extra for a printer that has expanded color features and ink tanks.

The more ink tanks in a printer has the more money it costs to operate the printer. Since all Epson printers demand a full load of inks to operate, a printer with a 6 cartridge set costs less to operate than a printer with an 8 or 10 color cartridge set. This is especially true if you use stock color Epson inks rather than an industry conversion system that uses the ALL BLACK Ink System controlled by AccuRIP.

Purchasing a full load of Epson color inks only to use the black ink to make film is very costly. Through regular maintenance you will waste the expensive color inks just to maintain the print head.

Using the ALL BLACK INK SYSTEM allows you to make the most of your purchase. All the ink purchased will be used to make films and by printing from all nozzles all the time you reduce or eliminate head clogs. Great idea.

Pigment Ink printers vs Dye Ink Printers

Dye ink printers (the favored choice of screen printers) were once the majority of printers in the Epson product line back in the 1990's and very early 2000, but now Pigment ink printers are the majority for the color industry. All pigment printers can be converted to dye inks as long as supplies are available.

The Epson 1430 is a shining star among the desktop printer line.

It's inexpensive.

Prints the same 13x19 film size as all other desktop printers models.

Highly reliable.

Uses dye ink by default. Yes, the inks supplied by Epson for this printer are dye so you can make great films using the stock black ink. What this means is that you have an excellent emergency plan should you ever run out of industry supplied dye ink, you can simply pop in the stock Epson inks and save the work day. Using a Pigment printer such as the r1900 does give you this option. Its stock pigment inks would not work well with your everyday dye ready film supply. This is a great option for business.

Six ink cartridges means a full set of ink cost less.

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