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EPS-5033 • Epson Custom Drying Time Settings

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Can I slow down my printer so films come out completely dry?


Drying time settings:
Epson Printers have a variety of settings that most users never explore. Knowing these options makes you more productive.

An inkjet printer by default does not rest between print passes, which is great if your ink and film are working well and drying fast. The most important aspect to operating a wide format printer is its ability to print unattended, rolling out film and cutting it to size when completed, while you are free to do other things. This is one of its greatest values, so use it properly.

Some film and paper media require extended "drying time". Most users just allow the film to print then set the film aside to dry, not only does this defeat the purpose but its risky. Just about anything can damage the film when its still wet. If its going to take time to dry then keep the film "in the printer" where it is "safe". It takes the same amount of time to dry "in the printer" as it does "outside the printer". A better solution.

How to:

1. Notice that there is a blank space before the ink level bars (left side). That means the printer is in the "standard" mode and that print head will travel back and forth without stopping until the print is completed.

2. Using the Custom Paper setup option (on the printer) you can preset up to 10 different custom configurations that control cut knife speed and distance, drying time and more for 10 different media setups.

3. Once you are in the Custom Paper section click the menu button to display the Paper Number and click the Menu button again to enter that sub menu.

4. Choose #1 and set this to a two second drying time or anything delay time want or need.

Notice that at the end of each selection I click the Menu (some printer models use the Enter button) button to display a star (asterisk) which locks in the setting. Users of larger format printers may need to click an "Enter button" to lock in settings..

5. Now you are presented with a list of options. From this list set the Drying time.

6. Drying time can be from a 10th of a second all the way up to 10 seconds.

7. Once Completed the number 1 appears on screen telling you that your printer is using the new setting with a delay between passes

Epson: Drying Time Video


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