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EPS-5038 • AccuRIP and why we support certain Epson models and not others


Users sometimes ask why we don't have drivers or the All Black Ink system for all Epson printers.


First, Epson releases a lot of printer models for varying purposes and target markets.

At Freehand we carefully evaluate printer models to determine the best printers for the specific needs of the screen print industry. Not all printers released by Epson are good for what we do as screen printers. Some are also just bad printers that do nothing more than "drink ink" which make ink manufacturers and retailers happy but not the user. Remember Epson is an ink company that makes hardware to sell their ink. A perfect example of this is the old C88 and the 3800 series printers. Two printers that used too much ink or had ink tanks much too small for the size media they print to.

Some printer models are just flat out "bad" consuming lots of ink and having a very high daily operational cost. Some printers have configurations that require as many as 11 ink tanks and some printers are small hobby style printers not suited for business needs and production. You get the idea.

We find, test and support what we know to be the best of the bunch and of course what suppliers are stocking.

Remember that you are a screen printer using a color printer as a film maker so the less "bells and whistles" the better, especially if you wish to convert that printer to an all black system for efficiency and economics.

For a list of Epson supported models see the AccuRIP page of the web site: AccuRIP Supported Epsons

For a list of Epson models with support of the "All Black Ink" system see visit: All Black Ink 

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