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EPS-5047 • Epson Desktop Model All Lights Flashing


My Epson desktop model printer is suddenly flashing all the control panels lights at the same time. I can not print or talk to the printer with the Epson Utility.


That is Epson's signal to you that it's "service time". Desktop printers have an internal "waste tank". Once that tank fills up the printer shuts down to prevent overflow. Some say it's an Epson "time bomb" to make you buy a new printer. No comment on that.

It generally takes years for this to happen, but it can happen sooner if you use the printer a lot or perform a number of head cleanings.

Options range from bringing your printer to an Epson service center, searching the internet for a do it yourself fix (special software and knowledge required; not easy and you can certainly make it worse), to buying a new printer. You decide.



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