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EPS-5050 • Power Cleaning NEW Epson Models (4900, 7900, etc.)


New models such as the 4900, 7900 etc. have a modified feature called "Powerful Clean". It used to be called "Power Clean" and its purpose was to remove all ink in the ink lines from the tanks to the head. A great feature when replacing ink systems, the feature completed this task in one power clean.

Due to misuse by end users, Epson received a lot of complaints that "it" consumed too much ink. These uses misunderstood and rather than running a "head cleaning" they ran Power Cleans.


Epson received enough complaints that they changed the "Power Clean" to "Powerful Clean". The same amount of ink is used during the process, but now the process can take up to 10 times longer. Run multiple "Powerful Cleanings" until your new inks have replaced the previous inks.

Seems that the squeaky wheel did get the oil, but then it feel off the wagon.


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