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SEP-8000 • Making the Most of Separation Studio


Making the most of Spot Process Separation Studio Software.

Spot Process Separation Studio is a stand-alone application and very easy to use. It is probably the easiest graphics style software you will ever use.

From FREE trials and support to an easy installation every user will find Separation Studio to be one of the easiest parts of their day.

Everything you need to know about the installation, operation, output of files, pre-press and printing instructions has been provided to you in easy to read manuals, tech documents and free online VIDEO tutorials. We suggest you take the short amount of time that is needed to get familiar with the workflow so you will be successful.

You should absolutely expect success with your file on-screen and on press. If you do not achieve success then you have to review where you made an error - perhaps using a low-resolution file from the web, did not properly prepare your art file so it was masked, used too low of a mesh count or did not follow the prescribed print order. This is a well respected software and an absolute press solution. The first release of Spot Process was in 1995 and millions - if not billions - of impressions have been made with great success around the world by shops of all sizes and using manual and automatic equipment.

We wish you great success and hope you take advantage of all the materials we have provided to you. 

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