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SEP-8013 • Sep Studio Black Channel is not in the proper print position


When I create a Black Channel it shows up in the VueRite and Channels Window before the White Base Channel and not after the White Base, between the White Base and Red Channel.


The proper print position for the black screen is just after the white base screen and before the red screen.

Your software is ok, it's the Channel names that is creating the result specifically the White Base.

If the White Base Channel is duplicated, the position of the Channel is relocated or the Channel name is changed that will effect the position that the Black Channel appears when created.

Open a new file and before making any changes to any Channels Generate a Black Channel and it will position properly after the White base and before the Red Channel.

Quick Fix: Manually move the Channels to the proper default position until you open a new file and things default back to normal.

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