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SEP-8016 • Transparent tif setup and solid white background


I get a solid white background in Separation Studio.


When creating a file with a transparent background to be separated in Separation Studio the file must be in the "RGB mode". Any other mode such as CMYK will create a solid white background on the separations even if the user did choose the transparent feature in the save or setup window.


Files must be in the RGB mode and contain all layers with transparent backgrounds.

In the tif Save Options Window you must select the "Save Transparency" option. Photoshop will display a warning about not all programs supporting transparency, don't worry Separation Studio is one of the few programs that does support transparency.

Corel PhotoPaint:

When opening a new file Corel asks up front the mode and if you want transparency. Choose RGB and transparency.

Common mistakes:

You have your files in the CMYK mode when saving.

You have one Channel in the list of Channels that is not transparent.

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