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SEP-8017 • Moving Separation Studio to a NEW Computer

Dongle Version Instructions:

Separation Studio can be installed and used on another computer. In order for the dongle to be recognized which allows the software to run a user needs to INSTALL (using the Separation Studio Installer located for download on the website) the software directly on a computer and not "transfer it" from another computer.

If a computers programs are transferred from on computer to another that breaks the connection between the software and its licensing files.

It's easy to move "your files" from an old computer to a new computer but no so easy for a program. You should properly install a program from it's installer. If it was that easy to just move them around then people would and never pay for a new license. So don't be surprised when programs don't work after a data transfer.

Dongles are a great licensing mechanism and may be used on multiple computers when handled properly.

If you have transferred your computer programs/applications and are having this issue contact Freehand Graphics for help.

If it's after hours, a weekend, or a holiday and you need to work, download a fully functional trial version to your new computer until you can get help.

A technician will need a Service Code from your computer to get you operating again so be near the computer when you contact support.



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