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ACC-0808 • AccuRIP and Guttenprint and Gimp Print Drivers


Gutenprint driver formally known as Gimp Print drivers are "open source" driver written by independent programs trying to keep older printer compatible with new operating systems. Many of these printer have been abandoned by their manufactures to focus on new compatible products.


Although they do connect and allow basic printing they do not always support all the options well for that printer.

When using AccuRIP and an Epson printers connected with a USB connection, "you must have a proper Epson driver" built using Epson installers and ones that are compatible with your  computer operating system.

Tip: If Epson does not have a driver that fits your older printer on your new operating system then it's probably time for a new printer. Epson offers drivers for years after the printer is discontinued meaning if they don't have it then that printer is very old.

Stay current, stay compatible, stay efficient.

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