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ACC-0701 • Halftones always print the same way

AccuRIP, by default, properly overrides the graphics application to ensure a seamless, professional output while saving you lots of repetitive work and removing the possibility of error.

With AccuRIP in control, you will never have a single film in a set that does not match; this error can create costly downtime when setting up a press.


How to change a line screen:

Black Pearl

From the Quick Menu or File menu choose Edit Configuration, click Configure Halftone. Enter the values you wish to use.


This is easier than addressing each color and its needs individually within the graphics application.


* An Angle of 22.5 degrees is always advised in the screen print industry. Reduces conflicts with mesh. 

How to control line screens and angles from a graphics application:

Uncheck the feature called "Lock Screens". Now it's your responsibility to set line screens, angles and shape for every color, every time, from within your graphics application print window. A lot more work for you and greater possibilities of errors within a single set of separations. Not advised.

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