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ACC-0106 • Epson 4900 head clogging issue


As Screen printers we need a good 17" wide film printer and usually Epson delivers excellent printers. The Epson 4900 is a good quality printer but, it is developing a reputation as a printer that clogs.


Reports are that the Epson inks (pigment) may be a big part of the issue. Using dye inks such as the All Black Ink system may help prevent or reduce clogs.

It is well advised to maintain your printer and keep your service contract up to date even extending it when possible. Seems that issue arises with most users after the first year, just in time for the service contract to expire.

The web is flooded with reports and Epson is busy trying to keep up. Freehand had to have its 4900 replaced as well, so no one is immune to the issue.

Enjoy the 4900 but, keep it under warranty as long as you can extending it as needed. Good advice.


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