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ACC-0602 • Files not printing or appearing in Job Queue


When printing, the file is not printing out, and doesn't appear in the AccuRIP Job Queue.



Option 1:

When the print driver has the wrong port (user error) the file prints as Postscript Garble but the file "also" does not appear in the print Queue. The file bypasses the RIP print windows an goes straight to the printer. This is the easier of the fixes and should be checked first. Delete the AccuRIP driver and build a new one. Reference Garbled Postscript tech note.


Option 2:

USB cables are a low power technology. Do not use a cable that exceeds the 6 foot standard length.


Option 3 (Advanced):

The Windows service, spoolsv.exe is being blocked by a firewall software (most often McAfee). AccuRIP "Test Pages" print out as well as files from the Epson driver. All connections are correct and the printer ports are too, but all files printed from a program get stuck in the AccuRIP to Epson print driver.

1. Open your Firewall software such as McAfee or Norton Security, etc. and access the section that controls Program Permissions.

2. Locate the service called "Print Spool Sub System" and change its right and permissions from BLOCKED to ALLOW (program terms may vary).

Mostly with Windows users, a firewall software can have its program permissions set to BLOCK print spool services.

4. Very Advanced (one reported instance but due to user misconfiguration/OS troubles)

The proper port assignment for the AccuRIP driver is AccuRIP Standard TCP/IP port (even when using a USB printer this is the correct port for the AccuRIP print driver).

Issue: The Printer Name or IP address is not correct for the "port configuration".


1. Right click the AccuRIP to Epson print driver and choose "properties" or "printer properties" depending on your version of Windows.

2. Click "port configuration"

3. Check these settings

a. Port Name should be AccuRIP Port
b. Printer Name or IP Address should be localhost
c. Protocol should be Raw
d. Port Number should 2764
e. LPR setting should off
f. SNMP should be off

4. Click OK. Make sure there are not old print files in the AccuRIP print driver print queue.

5. Print a new file.

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