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ACC-0603 • Files never print - corrupt page


File not printing or parts of the file not printing. Do I have a corrupt file?

A common occurrence with vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw is corruption of the page or document itself. When a file is sent to print and it flushes out of the RIP or just seems to disappear, it can be a sign that the actual file (page) has a Postscript error.


First look at the art (how it was built or colored) for the reason, or to the RIP although the answer can many times be just the page itself.

Many artists use "templates" for setting up art with registration marks and other items they need to print on the films. Repeated use of the same page, copying and pasting graphics in and out can cause the page itself to take on a postscript error and hold onto it.

Try this:

Copy and Paste the file to a NEW page then convert all fonts to outline/curves and print. This may remove any postscript errors belonging to the page itself or the font.



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