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ACC-0609 • File never appears in AccuRIP and nothing prints


When a file is printed it never appears in the AccuRIP Window and the same happens when printing the AccuRIP TEST page from within AccuRIP.


Seen on Windows, if you neglect to install the Epson printer software before attaching the printer using USB then a driver is built by windows but it displays the name "Epson ESC..." rather than a proper Genuine Epson printer driver name. Files sent to print just seem to vanish.

How to fix it:

In the Windows Control Panel for Printers, delete the "Epson ESC" print driver.  Unplug the USB printer cable from the computer. Using the Epson installer cd or by downloading the proper printer driver installer from the Epson website, install the Epson software.

When prompted attach the USB printer cable. Once a proper Epson Print driver has been installed to your computer open/launch AccuRIP.

From the File menu choose Edit Configuration or Setup and check all settings.



Black Pearl users:

Choose the proper printer and click OK.


Version 1.03 and earlier users:

Special attention is given the the section called "how is your printer connected". Choose LOCAL and click ON the option called "show all printers".

Choose the proper USB Epson Stylus printer port and click OK.

Restart the computer and print.

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