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ACC-0619 • Garbled Text Postscript code printing no image


Garbled text (Postscript code) is printing instead of an image. Lines of code are printing on the film and not my image.

This issue has only been seen on a Windows computer when the user makes a change to the AccuRIP print driver "port assignment". AccuRIP is a TCP language based software and it functions on its own port called "AccuRIP Port" described as Standard TCP regardless of the actual connection to the printer (TCP/USB/LPT).

Quick Fix:


Black Pearl: 

Delete the AccuRIP driver from the system Control Panel. From the File menu or Quick Menu within AccuRIP, choose Edit Configuration. Select the proper Epson printer if it is not already Automatically selected. Click OK to build a new AccuRIP printer driver.


Version 1.03 and earlier:

Delete the AccuRIP driver from the system Control Panel. Launch AccuRIP, select SETUP from the File Menu, make all the correct selections and connections for your printer. Pay special attention to the connection type. If using USB be sure to click the option called "show all ports" (available to Windows users) and select the exact USB virtual printer port for your printer.  

* Windows users: do not leave the Local selection set to simply "USB" UNLESS you have only one USB device connected to the computer. Click OK to build a new AccuRIP driver with a proper port assignment. Done.


Advanced fix:

When in doubt, wipe it out. It is possible that Windows has assigned two printers to a single printer port. This would certainly create the printing confusion resulting in postscript text being printed and not an image.

1. Locate in the Windows Control Panel (Printers and Devices) the Epson Stylus Print driver and AccuRIP to Epson print driver. Right click and delete (remove) both drivers.

2. Go to the Epson website, download and install the newest and proper driver software for your printer model.

Epson Printer Drivers

3. Create a new Epson print driver and test the driver.

4. Repeat or follow directions listed above as Quick Fix for both Black Pearl or Version 1.03 and earlier.

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