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ACC-0620 • Graphics Software Shared drivers no PPD files in graphic application


I shared my AccuRIP driver from one computer to another and now when I print in my graphics program (Illustrator or Draw) it does not auto load the PPD file (Postscript Printer description).


The answer usually is that the wrong driver was shared.

Most operating systems Mac to Mac or Windows to Windows depending on the version of the OS, will automatically load print drivers and ppds. If the PPDs do not auto load that may suggest the wrong (non postscript) print driver was shared. If OS versions are mixed you (such as XP to Windows 7) may need to manually load print drivers then add a shared print driver. Search the 24/7 Answer Center for more about sharing (networking) AccuRIP. Key word search networking or sharing

This is possible with a printer that is setup using a USB connection on a PC since there are two print drivers, the AccuRIP print driver and the stock Epson print driver.

Check that the "AccuRIP to Epson" print driver was the actual print driver shared and not the Epson print driver.

If you did not give your shared printer a custom name, the print driver must be "AccuRIP to Epson...", if its another name, especially if it has the words (Epson Stylus in the driver name) then its a good chance you shared the wrong print driver.

Sharing the AccuRIP Print Driver Video

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