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ACC-0622 • Vector File Not Printing Due to Postscript Overload


Vector File Not Printing.


A vector postscript overload is a common error with many artists today. Many artists believe that no matter how much art they have on a page it will always print. Not true. There are many postscript errors and limits and the best way to avoid them is work neat and clean, know how to design efficiently.

Many users do not realize that many vector programs send "all" the file data to the printer when printing and not just what is located within the "page setup" area. Leaving stray graphics around the page may cause postscript overload errors.

Why allow a postscript error in an element that you are not printing effect what you want to print? Work clean, work neat to avoid errors.


To troubleshoot a file that may be caused by a Postscript Error/Issue you can copy and paste the art to a new page. Postscript Errors can attach them selves to a particular document. Try printing the new file. 

Within the same graphics program make a new document and place a few simple items on the page such as a shape and text (a standard system font such as Helvetica) and print it. If the file prints then you can eliminate a connection error and other errors associated with not being able to print.

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