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ACC-0623 • File Not printing Authentication Required Error (Mac)


When I try to print the files get stuck on my Mac and it shows "Authentication Required".



This is not an AccuRIP or Separation Studio issue, it's an issue of your computer OS printing system.

That is a new Mac print error issue that seems to be on chat rooms all over the web. It can be from the differences between Mac OS's possibly when attempting to share or print share files from Tiger 1.4 to Snow Leopard 10.6, for example.

This was found on a website and may help you.


1. Make sure you are running the newest Snow Leopard update.

2. Go to print/fax settings in your system preferences, right-click on the printers listed and reset all printers.

3. Add the printers back in, make sure sharing is turned on

4. Try a test print to the networked printer and it should work now.

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