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ACC-0624 • File Not Printing Font Issue or Anchor Points


The distressed look is still a popular design element today. There are many ways to achieve the look and some are just impossible to print.



It's always best to create a low memory bitmap format scan or Photoshop file that can be laid over (onto) a graphic to achieve the look. This processes easily (postscript friendly). Other methods such as auto tracing a scanned distress pattern or using a distressed font can create Postscript Errors that cause your print to fail.

Too many anchor points (nodes) on a single path is a sure way to create a postscript overload.

Reducing anchor points (such as with flattening) or slicing the graphics into multiple paths are ways to help things print. Most vector graphic programs offer options in the print window. Just the fact that these options exist and have always existed is enough to tell you that not all things you create will print as you created them. Care and understanding are important. Graphics in a computer is avery technical art form. Study up.

When using a font, if the font is a not an Adobe or fully tested to stand up during printing, then you can easily have a failure even with the most basic style font.

A distressed font is even harder to print. If the font is bad it may need to be converted to outlines or curves but by doing that it may create a lot of anchor points on a single line and that may fail too.

Convert the font to a bitmap of high res to save memory and more easily print as a raster. Locate, understand and use all the postscript options your graphics program makes available to you to help in such times of need.

Some artists seem to be successful more often than others, that is no accident. They understand the limits of design and postscript creating art files that are print friendly. Be one of those artists.

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