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ACC-0626 • AccuRIP File Postscript Error or Offending Command

My films show postscript error information. What can I do?


First it's important to understand what postscript is. Postscript is a printing language owned and developed by Adobe. It is a complex language and has many things that can cause a file "not to print". Called a Postscript error, these errors tell the user what has gone wrong in the file while processing. When you print your data passed through a PS engine and if it does not pass it is rejected and the error code is produced at the point in the data stream that things went wrong.

You can look up the error on the internet, here is a link

Knowing that most folks will not even understand the explanation and be able to problem solve the issue what can you do to help yourself?

1. Build "clean" art files. Learn the "proper" use of your graphics programs. Most PS errors come from vector files that have been over developed (too many anchor/node points). Auto traced incorrectly or just generally so overloaded with memory that the printer can not process the data.

2. Another common issue are fonts. Fonts used to be regulated and tested by Adobe to pass PS testing. Not today, people make and post fonts to be downloaded without proper print testing. It is always best to convert all fonts to outline/curves when a PS error occurs.

3. Print properly. If you are one of the users that does not know how to properly build a spot color or CMYK file in a vector program and print it using the features of the print window, you may be creating your own issue. If you are treating your software program like it is a "stat camera", then stop. When you manually separate out colors from a file you are not only wasting valuable time, but you are more than likely printing the file as a "composite" which lowers your print quality - not to mention it is probably causing the PS error.


Don't reinvent the wheel:

Print using the "separation" feature even if your file is a one color Black image. You will improve the overall quality of your films and avoid the graphics program adding a color profile to the print before it reaches the RIP and possibly creating the PS error.

4. If you graphics program has the ability to "rasterize" the data before printing this will help eliminate PS errors as well. Print at 400 dpi or higher for good quality results.


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