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ACC-0902 • Ripcore issue after migrating files (Mac)

This article contains 2 different issues and resolves:


Topic 1:

Each time I open AccuRIP it says the Ripcore can not connect.


Resolve 1:

First install the free update to be sure you have the newest version running.

With new Macs there are a variety of operating system installs from "Bootcamp to Parallels", these drive partitioning software create new "startup" drives from loading both Mac and Windows operating systems that may cause the installer to place files in the wrong directories. Even without these software you can still have a partitioned hard drive with various Mac OS installs to choose from.

If you choose the wrong startup drive in the AccuRIP installer or the partitions are corrupted they may cause system files to go into the wrong partition breaking the connection needed to start up AccuRIP.

One way to check this is to open the Main Startup hard drive, open the main Library folder then Application Support folder. If you don't see a folder called "Fawkes", that contains the Ripcore then that is an issue.

Go back and examine your setup and see if you can change the drive that the AccuRIP installer installs to.

There are no issues installing and operating AccuRIP onto a proper start-up partition.


Topic 2:

After migrating Mac files the ripcore version and application version may not be in sync.


Resolve 2:

1. Delete the entire AccuRIP program/application folder.

2. Delete the "RipCore plist" file in the Preferences folder for the MAIN OS Library folder, NOT the Library folder in an individual user space. See path below.

Mac HD/Library/Preferences/com.fawkesengineering.RipCore.plist

3. Reboot computer.

4. Run the newest installer of AccuRIP. Installers can be downloaded from Freehand's Website

5. Launch AccuRIP.

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