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ACC-0954 • Page Setup Default


I want to set a new page size for film sizes I commonly use when printing through AccuRIP.




1. In the Hardware and Sounds/Devices and Printers (Print & Fax) section of the Windows Control Panel right click the AccuRIP to Epson Print Driver.

2. Choose Printing Preferences.

3. Click Advanced. Change the page/output size to the media size you need. 

4. Click OK to close all windows. Now when you choose the AccuRIP Print Driver in your program Print Windows this will be your new default.


Mac: There are a two ways to do this in a Mac.

Option 1:

A. Open the System Preferences and go to Print & Fax.

B. Set the Default Paper Size in Page Setup to any available media size you like. This becomes the default for all program's Print Windows. Not all media sizes you may wish to use will be available. This is "system" controlled.

Option 2:

A. Another way to handle this is to open the Page Setup Window in your favorite print program. Select the AccuRIP to Epson Print Driver and the page size you wish to make the default for this Driver. This shows all the media sizes available in this Print Driver.

B. Save the settings to the program. Now each time you are in this program's print Window, choose the AccuRIP Print Driver. This will be the default media size. 

For Mac users this option may be a more controllable method than editing the main System Preferences.

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