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ACC-0802 • File Don't Print (AccuRIP) USB WINDOWS


My files won't print through AccuRIP. I have a USB connection from my printer to my Windows computer. 


First, make sure the AccuRIP queue is cleared out and there are no jobs with a red x in the history.

Update to the latest version of AccuRIP through the link below.

1. Remove/delete both the AccuRIP and Epson Printer Driver(s) from your computer's 'Devices and Printers'. Restart your computer.

2. Critical step - make sure you have the newest Epson Printer Driver installed. DO NOT use the Epson installer CD, go directly to the Epson driver download page from the link below. Next, make sure your Epson Printer is working properly, by printing directly to it. If you have issues with your Epson printing on its own, contact Epson to get it up and running properly.

Epson Printer Drivers

3. Launch AccuRIP (not the installer again). From the AccuRIP File menu choose Setup. Select the inject model nd check all settings, especially the 'connection'. Make sure you have selected 'Local' and that the option 'Show all ports' is checked. Choose the proper USB printer port for your Epson Printer.

In the tab 'How would you like this screened?' make sure the 'Advanced Dot Gain' feature is unchecked.

Click OK to build a new AccuRIP to Epson Print Driver.

4. From the File menu choose Test Print or Halftone Test Print depending on the version of AccuRIP. That should print.

5. After the Test Print prints, properly open a NEW blank document/page (not one of your previous files) in your graphic program and make a small square or circle. Print using the new AccuRIP to Epson Printer Driver. That should print. When it does, you are ready to try your own files. If printing fails at that point there is a postscript error in the file that you need to troubleshoot BUT your AccuRIP connection is solid.

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