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ACC-0103 • Locating AccuRIP Serial Number

Still can launch AccuRIP?

Windows users:
Open AccuRIP, from the Help or Support menu (depending on your version) choose About.


Mac users:
Open AccuRIP, from the AccuRIP menu choose About.




Unable to launch AccuRIP?

• contact the Reseller you purchased from

• locate an E-mailed receipt of your initial purchase (if applicable)

• login to your MY ACCOUNT (as of 2/15/15)

• locate the AccuRIP Purchase Card (older versions) (if applicable)

• look in the CD Case (older versions) (if applicable)


It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to keep a record of their serial number.

ALWAYS copy & paste the serial number when possible to avoid typing errors.

Enter the entire serial number in all CAPS include the hyphens (-). There are no letter O's in a serial number just zeros.

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