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ACC-0002 • AccuRIP Black Pearl (Description)


What does AccuRIP Black Pearl Software do?

AccuRIP is a seamless translator of important PostScript data. Your art files created in Adobe, Corel, and other mainstream graphics programs are PostScript data files.

An Epson Inkjet does NOT have the built in ability to interpret graphics data for file output. The Epson Driver can not do what a RIP (Raster Image Processor) can do.

The translation that is performed by AccuRIP Software is always accurate to the data in the graphics file and translates and moves the data super fast. The Epson Inkjet becomes an efficient film output device thanks to the abilities of AccuRIP.

When sending your file to output select SEPARATIONS and NOT COMPOSITE, and use the AccuRIP to Epson Driver (not just the Epson Driver)

For details about AccuRIP Black Pearl and other Freehand products visit: Freehand Graphics Website 



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