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ABI-2004 • Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting film output issues.


When you produce film output and you have an issue you may not know where to begin to solve the problem. It could be the...




film / ink combination


software (including graphics software)

user error

a combination of the above


As technicians we are experienced at problem solving and have specific knowledge that brings us to resolutions. In most cases the resolves are simple although they may first appear to a user to be complicated.

The best way to begin troubleshooting is to look for specific error messages. If the printer is displaying an error message, for example, that you are out of ink, logic would suggest you replace the cartridge. Error messages on-screen, or on the display screen of the printer can be searched in google.

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Trust in your technician. Submit a request for support from a Live Agent at Freehand. Trust that they will have the experience to guide you through quickly and effectively. Manufacturers, techs, resellers and end-users are all on the same side and want the same result - to be productive.

And with All Black Ink the rate of issues with cartridges is extraordinarily low so that is good news in several ways. You are not likely to have a problem, and if the issue is a cartridge or resetter, the techs will promptly get you a warranty replacement. You are covered.

All Black Ink drains evenly. A user can effect the levels by making adjustments in the Multi-black Setup in AccuRIP. A printer with a clog (even a slight clog) can see ink levels become imbalanced. We recommend that ink sets are replaced as sets. If they are not, then the levels will be off although you are getting full use out of each ink cartridge.

All Black Ink cartridges are overfilled in order for ink flow to be proper. On wide format devices the ink levels for a full set will all be higher than indicated on the cartridge and will be different for each slot throughout the set. This is intentional and designed to match the Epson ink low level reporting. Trust the ink low light on the inkjet device. You are getting use of all the ink paid for. Overfill is NOT intended for print production.

Freehand is a professional development/engineering company and is committed to high productivity and delivering the highest value to its users. While other companies may simply fill cartridges with ink and have little to know understanding of how each model performs or what you need to accomplish every day, at Freehand every aspect of the pre-press process and every unique ability of the hardware, software and ink system are fully understood.

In conclusion, our team of engineers and technicians are dedicated to delivering the best user experience and stand behind all software and products. 

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