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ACC-0004 • What do I get with an AccuRIP purchase?


What do I get with AccuRIP Black Pearl?

Users of previous versions of AccuRIP (1.03 and earlier) can UPGRADE to the latest version, AccuRIP Black Pearl. Black Pearl License users get FREE Updates for the version when made available.

AccuRIP delivers the ability to accurately output film separations (one color up to any number of colors). 

Efficient, accurate, quality film output is a money-maker for screen-printers. Screen-printers go from art to screens with films. You begin making money with the FREE, fully-functional 14-day use version (trial). By making screens with the films produced with AccuRIP and going to press you made part, if not all of the money to get a critical software tool into your pre-press department.

When you make the purchase of AccuRIP Black Pearl you receive a Serial Number License. Each Serial Number purchased can be installed on one computer. When you need other users in your LAN (Local Area Network) to use AccuRIP, the other users can easily "share" the AccuRIP to Epson Driver. Review the information in the Answer Center to verify that you have an environment that can share. Most users that share other devices already will be able to share AccuRIP as well.

Serial Numbers activate designated AccuRIP Software versions. An UPGRADE purchase (which includes a new Serial Number) may be required to perform a move (transfer) of a License, or Activation on a computer. AccuRIP Black PEarl Serial Numbers are unique. You can not use a non-Black Pearl number with the Black Pearl version.

Keep your Serial Number recorded in a safe location. 

The Serial Number (within a version) may be moved to another computer in your company as part of the License Agreement and when the Installer is available. This ability is a "Transfer". The software includes this ability and user control. It is located under the "Activation" Menu of AccuRIP.

AccuRIP is supported by the industries best team of screen-print veterans. Freehand provides comprehensive support. FREE Live Agent Support is for Current AccuRIP Black Pearl Licensed Users. Previous versions of AccuRIP (1.03 and earlier) have gone End of Life. Support for those versions have expired.




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