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ABI-2000 • Why All Black Ink?



Why All Black Ink?

Inkjet printers start out as color output devices. With the majority of slots designated to color, these cartridges do NOT have value in the film output process. Because your priority is making quality BLACK films, the color carts create an on-going and costly problem.

An inkjet device sprays ink onto film. Screen-printers need BLACK INK. The choice is obvious - let's say it's black and white. All Black Ink manufactured by Freehand delivers volume of top-quality, UV light blocking dye from cartridges in EVERY SLOT. Stop unnecessarily purchasing color inks. You'll also learn that color inks that remain idle in an inkjet lead to costly maintenance to clear clogged nozzles.

So All Black Ink can be called the better bulk ink system because as a cartridge system it does not suffer from ink starvation and other issues associated with bottle/hose delivery systems. Reliability is much greater with a cartridge system. Plus, All Black Ink uses a formulated DYE that delivers density (dMax) well above what is needed for screen exposure. It is the BEST Dye ink in the industry.

Control of the All Black Ink ability is built into AccuRIP. Check on the feature and the spraying of ink is managed by AccuRIP. Spraying ink regularly from each nozzle helps maintain the device. The result is less clogs and even NO clogs for some users.


Black Pearl users:

From the File menu or Quick Menu choose Edit configuration, check the MultiBlack feature.

Version 1.03 and earlier users:

Go to the FILE MENU>SETUP. The first tab has a check box for "Multi-black".


Check it and all slots for that model will appear and be checked indicating that ink will be pulled from each slot during film output. 

There are a few brands that are not sanctioned by Freehand so beware. Use genuine All Black Ink or Blackmax brands only. For a listed of authorized All Black Ink resellers go to:


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