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ACC-0511 • Error 6900 AccuRIP

Some major change has occurred within your computer environment. The host computer had a hardware change/upgrade (hard drive, logic board, motherboard, video card, etc.). This change has occurred on the AccuRIP hosting computer.

A restore of AccuRIP from a backup, migrated applications, or cloned a computer may have created the issue.

An operating system update could have physically changed the computer's internal hardware ID codes.


Check these first:

1. Did you attempt to transfer the serial number from another computer? That attempt may have failed at the server. Repeat the transfer process to update records.

Older version Transfer Instructions:


2. Is this the same computer? Check for any recent OS updates that may have altered the system creating a conflict with the licensing server.


3. Current AccuRIP Black Pearl users are COVERED by the Parachute Protection Plan for this issue. Submit a tech ticket online for more help.

Users of older versions can Upgrade online:


Option 1. Continue to make attempts and changes to restore the computer back to its original licensed “hardware configuration” status. Should this process continue to fail for any number of reasons, there is another option available.


Option 2. Upgrade from the older version AccuRIP version 1.03 to Black Pearl, issuing a NEW serial number while restoring all protections, free support, free updates and warranties. 

 Upgrade link:


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