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ACC-0007 • Auto Nesting / N-Up Printing


Can I gang up images to save Film Media and Time?



Yes, AccuRIP has an automatic feature that sets up a multi-color separation on your film. It is called N-Up Printing.

The feature is activated when the page size (media size) of your graphic file in any application is smaller than half the size of the film selected in AccuRIP.

To make the most of this feature simply make your page size small enough to accommodate your image and any custom registration marks and plate label (suggested to use custom made marks than the applications marks as they are too thin). The smaller the page size the greater the opportunity for saving media. An eight color left chest design that fits on a 4" x 4" page would fit 4 across and 2 down on a 17" film roll, for example.

The N-Up feature works with one file at a time and does not gang up (nest) two or more separate jobs.



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