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ACC-8030 • Epson 4900 Film Feed Adjustments (Advanced)

Sometimes it is necessary to fine tune an Epson printer for the film media being printed. Epson’s are setup to understand Epson media well and for the most part many of the supplies in our industry work well too. Sometimes, due to the mil (thickness) of a media it might be necessary to do deeper adjustments.

The easiest thing to try is to go into the main menu on the printer and turn off Auto Paper Size and Auto Paper Skew. This will keep the printer from continually trying to read the film to determine its size and make sure it is loaded straight. This will minimize the amount that the printer needs to see the film, but it does still need to see the film initially.


Advanced procedure: Freehand Graphics is obligated to say up front that it is in no way responsible for any changes made to the stock configuration of any Epson printer. User assumes all responsibility for their actions.

If that doesn't work, go into the serviceman menu as follows:

1. With the printer off press OK - Paper feed down - Menu Right
2. This should start the printer in the Serviceman mode
3. Under "Media Adjustments" Look for Rear AD

This is the sensor that reads the paper/film. Run the rear ad with film and it should calibrate to the density of the film.

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