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SEP-8033 • Printing Halftone images on different colored shirts

Award winning prints don't just happen, they are planned.

A common mistake by many printers is allowing the client to dictate garment color after the image has been developed. That is backward and results in less then great prints. Be an advisor to your client. Use the onscreen previews of Spot Process to show them what the image looks like on different color grounds. Help them make an educated decision.

Its ok to develop art specifically for a ground color incorporating the bleed of the dye into the design but, it’s not ok to force an image onto a color garment hoping to eliminate the cast. If you must, then consider discharging the garment before printing or using a transfer.

With a halftone printing style, the color of the ground has a great effect on the final print. Garment values will come though and lend a cast to the image. You can certainly change the background color is Spot Process but, be sure to make it as realistic to the garment as possible. Many users make the ground colors way to bright on screen exaggerating the result.

Advise the client to have the greatest overall outcome.

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