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ACC-8034 • Reset Mac Print System can't add AccuRIP driver, ppd error

Users of Snow Leopard to Mavericks can have issues with prints not going to the printer, Printer drivers not showing up in the System Preferences, etc. The resolve is to “reset the print system” by right clicking on any printer driver in the System Preferences and choosing Reset Print System. This clears all printers.

Once the printers have been cleared from the system preferences users return to AccuRIP Configuration, check all settings and click OK to build a new driver. It has been seen that the system rejects the request saying it can not locate the ppd file. Probably holding on to old data in cache that needs to be cleared.

1. Users restart the computer and try again, this usually fixes the issue.

2. If it does not then setting up and logging in as “root” user will allow them the create the driver and return back to their users space.

3. After this is all done it is a good idea for the user to use the Apple Disk Utility to repair disk permissions.

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