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ACC-0507 • Transfer AccuRIP Black Pearl Edition


Moving the software license from one computer to another.


Here's how:


1) From the "original" computer (presently activated), if available click the Blue FREE update download arrow in the main software window updating AccuRIP Black Pearl to the latest version. This will also update your server account records. 


If the Blue download arrow is NOT available, go to the website link below (sign in to your MY Account then to Downloads). Run the installer allowing it replace the original installation. This updates server records and improves the rate of success connecting to the licensing server.



2) The Window Title bar in AccuRIP will correctly display "AccuRIP Deactivated".


3) From the Activation Menu choose "Activate". This will reactivate the serial number.


4) Wait a solid 15 minutes for all licensing servers to reset and sync. From the Activation Menu repeat the "Transfer Activation" process. You should be prompted with a successful transfer message.


5) Wait a solid 15 minutes for all licensing servers to reset and sync, registering the update. Run the up-to- date AccuRIP Black Pearl Installer on the next computer. Launch AccuRIP. It will either open, or prompt you to enter a serial number. Enter the same serial number to Activate.


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