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EPS-8041 • Squeezing every drop of ink from a wide format tank

Ok, here is what you should know about tanks. Tanks are overfilled with a reserve. When you purchase ink cartridges like a 350ml, they are overfilled so they will have ample ink until the Epson says it is out of ink without causing a low pressure situation.

Users obviously hear some ink left when holding the cartridge and want to squeeze every drop from the reserve and elect to reset and re-install. There can be issues with that.

1. Now that the machine thinks the tank is full it starts counting droplets from 100%, obviously the tank will run out longer before it reaches zero.

2. If the tank is run with no ink in it for extended time, it can cause a pressurization issue in the machine.

3. Also if the tank runs all the way until the "lines" are dry you will have to run a line charging process to refill the lines, that means you will be running ink from other tanks too. Wasting more ink that you thought your were saving.

4. Best to discard tanks when the Epson says they are empty. That means you printed all the ink you actually paid for.

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