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ACC-8042 • Sharing the AccuRIP Print Driver Windows to Windows

Windows should share printer drivers seamlessly but, it does not. Windows has so many versions of their OS within a single release (Home, Professional, Enterprise) as well as Service packs for each that a user must have everything perfect for the OS to do what seems like a simple task. 

What to do:

  1. First you must make sure you have shared the AccuRIP driver on the hosting computer.

See video link below about sharing. Chose from the 3 video options.

Lets say you are wishing to share your AccuRIP print driver across your network of computers but, the second computer can not complete the process because it can not automatically locate the PPD (postscript print driver) needed.

What is needed is to manually add the AccuRIP PPD inf and associated drivers.

  1. On the computer that you are setting up a shared driver download the Windows PPD driver file (Download links section) from the page link below and "unzip that file" on your desktop. PPD download link is located at the bottom of the page.

  1. Follow the steps in the Windows control panel to "add a printer" (shared driver). 
Choose Network printer not local.
  1. When prompted for the printers PPD click "Have Disk" and navigate to the downloaded (unzipped) Windows Drivers PPD folder on your desktop and choose the AccuRIP.inf file.
  1. Now you will see list of PPD files. Choose the one that matches your printer.
  1. Complete the process to add the new driver.

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