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SEP-8044 • ASCII vs Binary

While Placing an EPS file into Illustrator, some users see a warning message about the linked EPS file having Binary encoding.

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) vs Binary (represented by the digits 0 and 1) encoding:

There are two methods of encoding an EPS file when saved, both are based on binary. Spot Process Separation Studio has always saved using the binary encoding. Until recently Adobe Illustrator solely supported binary as well. As newer versions of ASCII evolved Adobe switched over to ASCII as the primary encode to support, but still support binary.

Users of Spot Process Separation Studio that have PLACED (imported) a Spot Process EPS file into Illustrator may be prompted with a “soft warning” message at time of import (PLACE) and or print. It warns that the file contains binary data and may not be supported or print properly.

To date there has never been a print issue reported or caused for AccuRIP users. The error message is a “soft warning”, it has an option “not to show this window again”. It is simply Adobe telling of a difference and warning the user. A possible issue with some older brands of laser printers, not an issue for AccuRIP.

Move forward and print with confidence.

* Users that need to, can open an EPS file in a program such as Adobe Photoshop, then save a copy of the file using ASCII or ASCII(85) encoding. Re-save the file and let it replace the current file. Options will now appear. Select the settings as shown below (see attached 'Settings Example.png).


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