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ACC-8048 • El Capitan Printer Driver Install Issues (permissions)

Apple’s newest OS El Capitan (10.11), has made changes to the way we handle and manage user permissions. Users can no longer use the Apple Disk Utility to repair permissions or verify the disk as they did in the past. Apple claims El Capitan handles this automatically during updates and restarts. If true, it certainly will make it easier on the average user that generally forgot or did not understand to run the disk utility to periodically repair permissions. Permissions commonly become corrupted, they continue to work until they reach a breaking point. Keeping your permissions clean helps keep your computer operating fast and efficiently.

However for those that understood, techs alike, running the Disk Utility helped users get past failures when installing printer drivers, even when logged in as an Admin.

Should these issues occur now under El Capitan, the best way to resolve them is to create a “root” login space (Unix Super Admin), create the AccuRIP printer driver while under this space then log out and return to your everyday user login space. Root login has none of the restrictions of any other login space including Admin. Think of root as “the all seeing and all knowing” login space.

Here is a link to help you understand and setup a “root” login space on your Mac. Apple has fallen behind on this info, but you can use the Lion OS info with Mavericks, Yosemite and now El Capitan as it has not changed.

** Understanding the value of root will also keep you from bringing your computer to the Apple store for what you may think are major issues that are really very minor. If what you are trying to do fails under your login space, login as root. If it succeeds, your computer OS and hardware are fine. You don’t need to have a tech wipe it out and reformat causing you a lot of lost time. Your login space is likely corrupted. Make a new one, move your files to it and delete the old user space. Yes, root would help you discover all that very quickly. If more people understood root, the Apple Genius Bar would be a lot less crowed. ;)

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